50 American films, 50 states: One iconic movie for each state

In celebration of the big, bold USA, we take a trip through all 50 states via 50 indelible American films

The best American films are journeys, taking us to places we’ve never been (at least for a while). Can’t a cinematic road map be charted, cruising a viewer through a grand tour of all 50 American states? We’ve spent time with our atlas and Blu-rays, finding 50 iconic American films that span the nation from California to New York. Click on the list below to find your home state, or simply flip through our slide show. Sorry, D.C.—you are still just a federal district and not technically a state; content yourself with a patriotic movie like All the President’s Men or, depending on your mood, White House Down. Did we forget a state classic? Inform your local chamber of commerce—and let us know in the comments.