Kitchen Kraze


Kitchen Kraze is a healthy cooking show for all ages, wrapped in a comedy variety format, an homage to PeeWee’s Playhouse.

Each episode will showcase a nutritious food of the day and corresponding recipe with the goal of expanding kids’ palates and reducing fear of new food. Working out of a fantastical kitchen, our friendly, funny host / head chef will teach viewers how to make a delicious, kid-friendly recipe starring the food of the day. The dish will often be a healthier play on an old favorite. In the kitchen helping our host prepare the dish will be a fantastical cast of characters that guide kids through the world of food, showing them that cooking is a fun activity you can do with parents, family, and friends.

  • Television - Kids
  • Writers: Harrison Lampert & Johnny Menke
  • Producers: Marisa Polvino, Kate Cohen