Marisa Polvino


With a career spanning over two decades, Marisa Polvino is a seasoned independent producer with a proven skill for identifying, packaging, and producing high quality, star-driven entertainment across all mediums, genres, and budget levels. Presently, Marisa runs a successful entertainment production entity, STRAIGHT UP FILMS, developed with her partner of 10 years, Kate Cohen.

In the early 1990’s, following stints at Comedy Central and GEN ART, Marisa decided to invest time with GE Capital, where she became proficient in corporate financing and strategic thinking. Armed with these skills and a deep-seeded love of film soon led Marisa out of the office and into producing independent projects.

In 1993, Marisa began securing multi-million dollar financing deals for independent films. She worked as an executive for Eagle Beach Productions- identifying IP, raising funds and running all day-to-day operations. Marisa produced Federal Hill, (released by Trimark), Outside Providence (released by Miramax Films), starring Alec Baldwin, and American Buffalo (released by The Samuel Goldwyn Company), and starring Dustin Hoffman. In early 2003, Marisa met Roger Marino (founder of EMC), who, impressed with her vision, asked her to consult for him. She turned that into a seven-figure investment and a new company REVERE PRODUCTIONS, and went on to make I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, starring Clive Owen and Johnathan Rhys Meyers, The Door In The Floor (Focus), starring Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger, and The Education of Charlie Banks (Anchor Bay) starring Jesse Eisenberg.

While at Sundance in 2007, Marisa met fledgling producer Kate Cohen, and the two formed STRAIGHT UP FILMS in 2008. Marisa has been integral in growing the company and securing its first-rate film slate including Transcendence (Warner Bros), starring Johnny Depp, SHOT!  The Psychospiritual Mantra of Rock (Magnolia Pictures) and Jane Got a Gun (The Weinstein Company) with Natalie Portman.

Presently, Marisa oversees a slate which includes top flight associations; The Elephant Man, with Bradley Cooper, and produced with Mike Medavoy, Alex to be directed by Louis Letterier, New Faith, written and to be directed by Alejandro Brugues, and Thief, produced with Roy Lee.

Marisa, a native of Rochester, NY, currently lives in Santa Monica CA, with her two young children. An active member of the PRODUCERS GUILD OF AMERICA and WOMEN IN FILM, Marisa also spends time chairing committees with the local PTA, working with STEP Up’s mentorship program and gun control issues and EVERYTOWN.